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* Do you know what the Domain Name System is?

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The Domain Name System, or DNS, is one of the Internet's pillars that we use daily but are unaware of. This system is similar to a telephone directory with people's names. However, it employs an IP address that corresponds to a domain name instead of a phone.

DNS binds a domain name to an IP address. It has a hierarchical look and starts from right to left (i.e., from .org.). We would not easily access web pages if the Domain Name System did not exist. Unfortunately, that means we'll have to type in the IP address of the page we're looking for every time.

DNS is a multi-component system that aims to improve the Internet user experience. Some of its basic terms are:

  • Domain name
  • IP address
  • DNS records
  • DNS query
  • DNS server

The Domain Name System allows us to easily and quickly access the different Internet pages. If you want to learn more about it, you can check the following page about the Domain Name System and how it works.